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Welcome to The O’ConnorReport.  We are an independent, nonpartisan, soon to be nonprofit ‘newsletter’ on health care reform. We will report on the various issues and challenges arising from this sweeping change.  We are in a unique position here in Washington State.   Washington is one of only six states whose health insurance exchange blueprints were approved by Health and Human Services in December.  The other five states include Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland and Oregon. http://www.hca.wa.gov/news_release/washington-health-benefit-exchange-awarded-conditional-blueprint.html

As of October 2012 when the upcoming O’Connor Report was written, only 14 states had applied to implement the health insurance exchanges. Several states have now said they will not offer the exchanges in their state.  The new filing deadline for these exchanges was extended to this Friday, December 14th. Given our early start here, there is much to report that will be of interest to other states and others interested in health care reform.  There will be many questions about the new Accountable Care Act (ACA) law from consumers and employers to physicians, hospitals, brokers and insurers.  We hope to find answers to their questions and explain the issues as best we can.  Watch for our next blog on the ACA and the New Health Care Conversation.

The O’ConnorReport will be published twice a month, if not more frequently.   Upcoming stories:  ACA and the New Health Care Conversation; The ACA and Access; Do we need to change HIPPA?  How safe are elder care companies?   What will happen with Medicaid?

Coming Next:  ACA and the New Health Care Conversation

Kathleen O’Connor, Publisher; Member, Association of Health Care Journalists (http://healthjournalism.org/)



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Kathleen O’Connor: 30+ year health care consumer advocate, non-profit executive and author. For more information about Kathleen, please see "About" on the main content bar above.
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  1. Congratulations Kathleen on the launch of the O’ConnorReport! I look forward to reading your insights on the state of our national health care reform.

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