Calculate your new insurance costs, WA State Hospital CEO Compensation report due, Patient safety concerns, and more

Also in this issue:  Medicaid Expansion Problems, New Lawsuit against the ACA and Questions if medical device products coming to market too fast.  

Calculate your new insurance costs

Find out what your insurance will cost using the calculator from Washington State’s health insurance exchange.  It’s easy.  Just list your income and family size, and give it a few minutes to calculate.  I put in age 55 (not true, but I did not want it to default to Medicare).  And gave an income of $40,000.  My insurance cost would come to a little over $300 a month.  A friend who is now paying over $1,500 per month for an individual policy put in her information and the new price tag came to a little over $800 a month.

These are only estimates now, but calculator will provide an idea of how easy some of the choices may be.  This is a demonstration only at this point and only valid for the Washington State insurance marketplace.


Hospitals must report CEO compensation by May 15th in Washington State

The Washington State Hospital Association reported that the bill passed because of media stories about CEO compensation.  This became an issue in California when the SEIU sponsored an initiative in Marin County that limited hospital CEO compensation to no more than twice the Governor’s salary.    The ballot measure passed.

But, CEO compensation has been an issue here in Washington State and in other states as well:

The results of the Washington State CEO compensation report will be available on the Department of Health’s website:


Patient  Safety Concerns

We are concerned about the lack of consumer protection in health care. This will be an area we will be examining at some length in future issues.  This article on coordination of care is illustrative of complex problems.  Friends and I found this recently when something similar happened here close to home when a friend had surgery.


No Easy Time for Medicaid expansion. 

Even Governors once opposed but who now want the expansion face opposition from their own state legislators.

Where the states are in Medicaid expansion:


New Legal Challenge to ACA

And a new challenge to ACA implementation in a law suit.

Read more on the lawsuit here:

The ACA promises to be a volatile issue in the 2014 election.  More to come.  Coming next week, Part II on health care technology—who decides?


Do Medical Devices Come to Market Too Fast?  

Some think new devices come on the market too fast and other products do not seem sufficiently tested. Examples:


Fraud of the Week:   I could not make up my mind this week. Here are two cases.  One fraud by a for profit hospice care company and a supervisor responsible for $63 million fraud.  As an FYI,  I select from the Office of the Inspector General. There are at least 10 cases a week that are reported out by that office.

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