Hot off the Press: Cost of Hospital Errors; DC Brinksmanship on ACA; New Online Coverage Options; Better Patient Safety with Improved Hospital Discharge; Coverage for ‘Alternative’ Providers; Now Is Not the Time to Cut Back on Fraud; And More!

Hot off the Press:  Leapfrog Group’s Calculator to Uncover Costs of Hospital Errors and Readmissions

The Leapfrog group has developed a white paper and a calculator that uncover the hidden surcharge Americans pay for hospital errors. “We examine the costs purchasers incur at hospitals with a grade of “A,” compared with hospitals that have lower grades. On average, we estimate a commercially insured patient admitted to a hospital with a grade of “C” or lower will pay a hidden surcharge of $7,780.  If the same patient was admitted to a hospital with a grade of “A,” the hidden surcharge for medical errors would be $5,935, for a savings of $1,845. It is worth noting that even “A” hospitals have patient safety challenges and are not exempt from this hidden surcharge.

“Consider, as an example, a medium-sized, self-insured company that provides health coverage for 10,000 people. Each year, this company pays for 1,000 hospital admissions, of which 450 are surgical admissions. If all of these admissions occurred in hospitals with a grade of “C” or lower, that company could expect to pay more than $7.7 million in hidden surcharges. On the other hand, if all of the admissions were in “A” hospitals, the hidden surcharge would “only” be around $5.9 million. The company would save more than $1.8 million by steering employees to safer hospitals. Purchasers as a group are paying billions of excess dollars for unintended harm in hospitals.”

Hospitals Object:

But until hospitals can provide a bill that patients can understand, I doubt they have a leg to stand on when it comes to methodology.

Shut Down Government to End Obamacare?  Really?

An interesting Venture Capital Development To  Change Health Care.  Now Within the Possible.  Pay attention to the last line.

A must read for anyone who has a friend or relative in a hospital.  Discharge Planning Should be Added to Patient Safety Efforts

The Important Role of Nurse Practitioners for Quality Care

In the ACA, Room for Alternative Providers:

News from Washington’s Bastyr University and publisher of The Integrator Blog on states’ response to non-medical providers, such as Naturopathic Physicians, Acupuncturists, and Chiropractors among others.  Possible because of non-discrimination provision:

This is not the time to cut back on health care fraud investigations!

A very quick look at a month of fraud convictions.  This is not chump change:

Court overturns ballot measure in California that would limit hospital CEO salary to twice the salary of the governor.  This ballot measure had hospital CEO’s everywhere very nervous.

A very fun and interesting graphic on Views of the Health Care System by Consumers, Physicians and Employers.

Coming Up:  More on Washington State Hospital Executive Compensation and Regulatory Oversight

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