Hot Off the Press: State 2013 Health Care Budgets, ACA Implementation Headaches, New Approach to Drug Effectiveness Research and the High Cost of Maternity Care

While we are working on finishing our story on price transparency and executive compensation, here are some current highlights:

Hot Off the Press: Health care measures and budgets passed out of Olympia:

Challenges to ACA Implementation:

Sibelius told, stop fundraising:

ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) leaving the market?

Who is marketing the ACA?

ACA Implementation’s Potential Achilles Heel:  IT

Medicaid Expansion:  What Happened in Massachusetts?

Providers and Health Exchanges: Questions Arise

Costs Soar for Delivering Babies:  The Most Common Hospitalization

Tables Turning on Drug Makers Testing and Research

Fraud of the Week:  $70 million

Daily Capsules: Courtesy of Kaiser Health News


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