Ugly, Expensive Fight Over ACA Implementation; Factors Impacting Rates and Costs in CA; A World of Scams Already; and Winners and Losers in Medicare Payment Reform

It’s going to be a long, ugly and expensive ACA implementation fight.

A Summary of Factors Determining Insurance Premium Increases in California.  Must Read Chart on Page 6: Figure 1  See What Subsidies Do: 

This is a very interesting report, but not many will have the stomach to read the whole thing.  There is a great chart on Page 6 (Figure One) that shows rate increases according to FPL (Federal Poverty Level), and the impact that premium subsidies will have on those rate increases. The report was prepared by Milliman, a major employee benefits consulting firm.

Scams will be rampant:

I spent part of an afternoon trying to track down information on a health insurance exchange in Florida for a friend whose daughter lives there.  I kept running into health insurance exchanges that were not the state’s exchange.  They were all private insurance companies.  Sometimes it was just one company.

And, scams are already underway:

Speaking of Florida:  League of Women Voters weighs in on Medicaid

The Bad News and Good News About Physician Payment Reform:  Winners and Losers

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