Another Under the Radar ACA Battle: Who Can Be a Provider?

The article I am quoting right now is from The Huffington Post, largely labeled as a “liberal” press.

I usually do not quote from publications that can be labeled ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative.’ I know The Huffington Post is considered liberal.  But in this case, I have known the author, John Weeks, since the mid-1980’s.  He is engaged in the Seattle civic community and is the publisher of The Integrator Blog:

He is a man of integrity.  There have been times we have agreed to disagree.  But he is someone I trust and respect.

At stake now is who can be a provider under the ACA.  There are many effective and long-standing medical traditions in addition to medical doctors (MD’s; allopathic medicine):   Midwives;  nurse practitioners; naturopathic physicians; Chiropractors; Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, perhaps the world’s oldest with a 5,000 year tradition.

Cures once praised, such as blood letting, have given way to new understandings. Medicine evolves.

When the anti-discrimination law passed in Washington State, many said it would drive up health care costs.  But what drives up health care costs is not integrated medicine. It is our more expensive reliance on medical devices and new and more expensive pharmaceutical products.

We should not blindly depend on only one type of health care provider.  We need the best of all providers, their ideas and approaches that promote the health and well-being of all our people.  We need to preserve our right to have a choice of the health care professionals we choose.  There is no more personal decision.

Here is John’s article in The Huffington Post about Section 2701 in the ACA:

And details about Section 2701:

And information on the bill to delete Section 2706:

We do not lobby.  But I think one of the most important freedoms that we have is the freedom of choice.  We need to keep that freedom.

It should be noted that all the integrative medicine providers are licensed by their professions and by their states.  We need to respect those professional and state standards.

Coming up: A deeper look at hospital CEO compensation and community benefit.

Kathleen O’Connor (c), August 14, 2013




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