New Consumer Reports Ranks Hospitals on Safety; 2,225 Hospitals Fined for Readmissions; Behind the Scenes look at Quality, Outcomes and Physician Pay; and Now Drug and Medical Device Companies Must Report Financial Ties to Physicians and Hospitals

While the press focuses on exchanges and ACA enrollment and rates, much behind the scenes activities promise to transform health care.  Pricing and payment changes promise greater transparency, and now add to that transparency, the new move to shed light on drug and device manufacturers financial contributions to physicians.

Hospital Patient Safety: A MUST READ from Consumer Reports:   consumer reports hospital guide–2013  Scroll to the end of the article for a complete state by state listing and ranking.  Should be interesting to compare to Medicare fines.

Medicare fines 2,225 hospitals for Readmission Penalties.  Scroll to the very end of the article for a state by state listing of all hospitals.

Institute of Medicine Report:  Coordinating Post Hospital Care and Changing Physician Payment Could Impact Costs

How Medicare differs from the Commercial Insurance Market pricing:

Meanwhile, Medicare wants to pay physicians differently:

Shining the Light on Drug and Device Companies Financial Contributions to Physicians

Doctor groups are alerting members to be prepared to respond to public disclosures as pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers begin tracking and reporting their financial interactions with physicians–from honoraria to gifts.  These figures will be published online in September 2014.


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