New Washington State Innovation Model (SIM) Grant; Lessons from IPAs and PHOs for Smaller Physician Practices; New Medical Malpractice Toolkit

Washington One of Three States to Receive Innovation Model Grant:  Plan to Create  Multi-Payer Payment and Health Care Delivery System: 

Washington is one of only three states to receive a SIM Pre-Testing Award. The grant will enable state health care leaders to work with communities to create common aims and  a plan that improves the patient’s experience of care and the health of populations, and reduces the per capita cost of care.

Last year, Washington State accelerated its reform efforts  by developing  a proposal for delivery system and payment reform. Over 80 health care organizations participated in developing the  initial vision outlined in Washington’s SIM Testing Grant application to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI). This resulted the state winning a six-month $999,975 award from CMMI to develop a five-year Health Care Innovation Plan for the State.  Creating such a plan will enable Washington to compete with other states for an anticipated second round of CMMI Testing Grant funding, likely to be announced later this year. The State will engage a broad spectrum of community leaders, medical experts and organizations, consumers, partners from business and industry, nonprofit organizations, and more.

The Collaborative Health Care Innovation Plan (HCIP) has two core goals:  

1) Creating a five-year plan and 2) using the five year plan to reorganize existing resources, and pursue new funding partnerships to deliver the plan’s ultimate third goal:   Better health and better care at lower cost. 

The grant creates a multi-payer design and testing approach that will shift the current health care system to one that:
(1) Rewards quality outcomes rather than volume;
(2) Drives better integration of medical and behavioral health services;
(3) Partners with community-based organizations and public health systems to improve overall community health.

For more information, please refer to these two reports below:

Related to this is a new independent study that finds IPAs and PHOs  offer Important Lessons for Smaller Physician Practices.

Medical Malpractice Toolkit

While meant for journalist, this toolkit is an excellent resource for policy makers, legislators, opinion leaders and informed voters about the complex often contentious issue of medical malpractice reform.  The toolkit was prepared by the non-partisan Alliance for Health Care Reform in Washington DC.   The Alliance is co-chaired by founder Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-W.VA.) and Roy Blunt (R-MO).

Kathleen O’Connor (c), August 19, 2013

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