And now a little more about the full story: Why Are Hospitals Really Changing Billing Status?? and Keep Your Eye on Maryland

A story ran Thursday night (1/9/14) about the new billing code at American hospitals, called “observation care.”  I hope you can open this without the accompanying commercial ad.  Basically, the story is about the problem of the new billing code for seniors in hospitals–called observation care.  If a patient is in observation care, their subsequent care in a rehab facility is not covered because rehab care requires ‘in patient’ hospital care according to existing Medicare rules and regulations.

What is missing from this story, told only by hospital association executives and a patient is why hospitals started this new billing practice.

Last year, for the first time, hospitals were fined by Medicare if there were too many re-admissions of patients who had recently had surgery.  By changing the coding to “observation,” patients are not technically re-admitted to in-patient care, and therefore,  the hospitals are not subject to fines by Medicare.

Hospitals win, patients lose. Bye, bye accountability.

Which is why we will be starting the new:  Healthcare Consumer Advocacy and Protection Initiative.  We want to be the voice of people who are caught in the finger pointing morass that is health care.  And hold parties accountable. Few others are.

Maryland examines new cost cutting approach experiment.

All the best to you for the coming year!  Kathleen

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