My Recovery and the Road Ahead

Hello, I just learned this week that my outlook is exceptionally good.  My neurologist said I should have nearly a 100% recovery.  That said, I have to pace myself and not rush headlong into life, as I am prone to do.

There are not enough words in any language to say ‘thank you’ to a remarkable woman:  Marsha who was my health care COO; ran interference for me when I could not; was my voice when I was voiceless.  Nor are there enough words of thanks to so many other friends—Sandy, an MD who started early e-mail updates; Gene and Liz  who were thrown suddenly into the mess of my life and helped in immeasurable ways.  And especially my friend Karen who literally saved my life by calling a friend who called the manager who found me. I am still trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together of what happened. I may never know. I do know I would be dead if I were not social and engaged in the community.

A stroke changes your life. I won’t go back to the health care policy arena fight.  I am not one to fiddle with policy minutiae—it upsets me, which is not good for a healing brain.  I am going back, however, to my real passion—the consumer, the patient.

I have been given many gifts I would never have suspected. I want to return those gifts with a new book. It will be called: Gifts From A Stroke: Finding the Nub of Life©.  I can be an interpreter and voice for patients and share lessons I would never have learned otherwise.

I cannot help recalling what I thought after my son died: “When the worst thing that can happen to you has happened, it changes how you calculate risk.”  That remains true. The target on my back now will just be a little bigger.  More stories to come.

Thank you for your encouragement and support.

Please, if you want to reach me, please do so by e-mail so I can pace myself.

Kathleen O’Connor © May 2, 2014

Coming Up:  License to Lie and License to Prey

About Kathleen

Kathleen is a 25 year veteran of the health care system as an independent journalist, non-proft executive and consumer advocate. She founded and managed CodeBlueNow! which successfully engaged the public on health care reform: After a sabbatical writing her family memoirs, she returns to the health care reform debate by researching systemic failures of health care and health care reform from on independent consumer perspective.
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2 Responses to My Recovery and the Road Ahead

  1. Tish Johnson says:

    This is just the best news ever. XOXOXO

  2. Anne Repass says:

    i am delighted with this latest blog – such good news on both your physical and mental health. I will be delighted when you are back at all your activities in full form. The world needs you.


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