Major Cost Variations Between Hospitals for Stroke Care

The Washington Health Alliance in Washington State just published a report on significant cost variations between hospitals for stroke care. While this data is only for Washington State it mirrors national practices:

This is one reason I intend to offer a platform for patients:

Kathleen O’Connor (c) October 1, 2014

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One Response to Major Cost Variations Between Hospitals for Stroke Care

  1. Jennifer Bollen says:

    The “report” only included medicare data and it used “cost” when in fact the amount most hospitals were “paid” was very close .7% variation.. Although stroke can happen at any age nearly all happen after the age of 65 so this report seems misleading and you have to question what the real agenda is? I don’t think that even if the cost data was relevant that people can shop for care when they have a stroke so again what is the goal of this report?

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