What Hospital Executives Earn: Part III–What You Can Do

Every day since June 2013 people have opened the  story:  “What Hospital Executives Earn.”   Sometimes one person, sometimes 13 or 14 and sometimes 4 or 5, but it is opened every day.  Some click on the link to the data. Others don’t.  But people come to that story every single day.

I have written three stories about hospital CEO compensation:




These stories are based on filings hospitals send to the IRS and report to the Washington state Department of Health.  Washington was probably the first state to require this.  Not every state does.  The bill was introduced by Representative Laurie Jinkins.  http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=2229&year=2011

Problems of patient safety, incomprehensible billings and lack of transparency remain.  There is only one thing I think we can do–each in our own communities:  hold the boards of directors accountable and hold your local Congressman/woman and state representative/senator accountable for patient safety and understandable bills. 

They live in our communities. They read the local newspapers and listen to local radio and TV. They follow social media.  As does their public relations staff.

We must also be accountable.  Tirades and rants are too easy to dismiss.  But, if we are going to have safe and accountable health care it is up to us to demand it.

This will not solve all our health care system’s ills but it will be one step in the right direction.

We will never have accountability unless we demand it.

Coming Next: Gifts From A Stroke:  Follow the Money–If You Can.

For those of you who did not read the last blog–it is not just about Nixon.  What’s interesting is people who are now reading from the blog are reading  how to organize and pay for health care  from the October 1932 report by the Committee on the Costs of Medical Care.   You can follow the link here:  http://oconnorreport.com/2014/10/lest-we-forget-a-look-at-nixons-health-reform/

Kathleen O’Connor (c) October 11, 2014


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