Personal Impacts of Long-term Care; Coming Up–another view of personal aging care–this time for Tribal Elders

Caring for One or More Aging Parents: Some Personal Stories

Taking initiative, a friend who was caring for several parents–some of whom lived out of town and on both coasts- started a blog so caregivers could share their insights, concerns and offer mutual support.

Not all stories  on her FaceBook page deal with the costs of care, but some do.  Here is one such story:

Most stories are personal from caring for parents with Alzheimer’s disease  to caring for  one parent when the other has died. These stories give a personal voice and face to the very personal issues of aging and caregiving.  These stories reflect the strength, needs and challenges facing our elders and our families.

Her FaceBook page is:

For those who missed the earlier blogs on the two models I discussed they are: community villages:  and  one of its local networks in Seattle

The other is a new care and financing model: They also have a blog on the development of these communities:

There are other models,, such as the one my mother was in, called PACE:   This program is  primarily for low-income elders, but they do accept private pay patients, such as my mother.


Coming next: Tribal Care Long-term Care 

In my last blog I talked about the importance of programs that respect personal goals and wishes as we age.   The Urban Indian Health Service connected me with the head of their program.  Their story will be featured next.

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