2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine and Integrative Health

The Nobel Prize for Physiology and Science was awarded to three scientists this year.  One was for Malaria treatment using natural medicine. http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/medicine/laureates/2015/

Laureates’ work and biographies: http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/medicine/laureates/2015/press.html

I rely on heavily on Western medicine but I have also successfully used integrative medicine for years. Consequently, Dr. Tu’s award interested me.  The award came at the same time the  Bastyr University history I co-authored was published. The Nobel Prize recognition and Bastyr’s history demonstrate we are stronger when we work together to have evidence in both medical and integrative medicine.

Bastyr University and Integrative Medicine: www.bastyr.edu

Bastyr University was the first naturopathic college or university to use the scientific evidence based model of medical schools and medical research.  It was the first naturopathic university to receive an NIH (National Institutes of Health grant http://www.nih.gov/ .  It has an active research center. It has also been engaged in several joint research projects with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. https://www.fredhutch.org/en.html  Some of its new research focuses on Parkinson’s Disease, among others.

Bastyr History: 

I had finished my research and had written most of Bastyr University’s history when I had my stroke last year. It has just been published. I am lead author for my research and writing. The co-author finished what I could not and organized the themes. Her work is elegant and the book is beautiful.  See Rooted in Health, The Story of Bastyr University:  http://bookstore.bastyr.edu/products/1515-rooted-in-health.aspx

The project was a ‘work for hire’ so I receive no royalties from any sales.

Institutional Histories:

Bastyr’s history is my third institutional history. Earlier ones include:

Foundation for Health Care Quality: (www.qualityhealth.org) http://www.qualityhealth.org/downloads/1104_FHCQ_History_Publication.pdf

Marquerite Casey Foundation: (www.caseygrants.org)http://issuu.com/margueritecaseyfoundation/docs/historypublication

I have enjoy writing these histories and bringing  such stories to light.

Coming up in the next several months:

  • A look at  insurance mergers and hospital system mergers and acquisitions
  • Electronic Health Records.   

My best to you for a very Happy Thanksgiving with friends and families!

Kathleen O’Connor (c) November 19, 2015

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