The Healing Power of Listening

The Power of Communication:  Kathleen O’Connor Public Member, Medical Quality Assurance Commission, Washington State

“How many children do you have?” were the first words the doctor said when I arrived at the hospital. My son was in a devastating car accident. He had just been taken from the ER to a room where they were cleaning his wounds and running tests. Soon the doctor came and asked about any other children. I had none. He explained my son had only ‘brain stem level’ functioning. They were testing to see if he had a gag reflex or if his eyes dilated. And he left……..

I contrast this with the care I received after my major stroke. I was barely breathing. No one expected me to live….

For the full article read Medical Quality Commission Update!, Summer, 2016 page 6. :!Summer2016.pdf

The article is dedicated to all the  many caring heath care professionals who often work against all odds to provide quality compassionate care. 

It is especially dedicated to all the members of my care team in the hospital and in outpatient care–from doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, therapists and so many others.  And,  to the community of friends and colleagues who wrapped themselves around me and wouldn’t let me quit.  

No one heals alone.

Kathleen O’Connor (c) June 17, 2016

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