An Economist’s Insights on Cost and Access; World Stroke Day Oct.29. (new web coming soon)

Those wondering about our costs and access might find this article on some research findings of interest.

The findings may surprise you!


Saturday is national stroke day:    Having had a major stroke, I urge you to please pay attention to the warning signs, know your family history, and support the very necessary continuing care so necessary for stroke patients and their families. I would have been lost without it. Strokes are the 5th leading cause of death in the US and a major cause of disability.  I am lucky to have lived and not be disabled.

Stroke Facts:

I survived and thrive for four reasons–type of stroke, incredible and  excellent doctors and medical care, good insurance (Medicare) that covered both hospital and post-hospitalization rehabilitation care and incredible friends.  There is a whole continuum of care stroke survivors and their families need for robust post stroke recovery. Rehabilitation and supportive care are key parts of  recovery for both survivors and their families.

I didn’t even consider a stroke could happen to me.  Please pay attention for yourself , family and friends.


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