Drug Money: Companies Flipping Drugs for Profit and Costs of Cancer Care and Drug Company Political Contributions, Drug Coupons and Costly Diabetes Drugs

I don’t usually do this, but these four articles speak for themselves on drug costs and I am on my way to a conference.

1) Drug companies are selling their drugs to others after a patent expires and those companies can/do jack up the price.  This is from Bloomberg News, a reputable business publication:


2) The cost of cancer care:  One of the reason some people file for bankruptcy or go into deep debt and often re-finance their homes. This from the National Center for Biotechnology Education:


3)  corporate drug company contributions during the election to candidate at the local level from Statnews on health care:


4) Do Drug Coupons for Low Income:  Do They  Really Help with Drug Costs?  From the New York Times:

http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/13/upshot/drug-coupons-helping-a-few-at-the-expense-of-everyone.html em_pos=small&emc=edit_up_20161014&nl=upshot&nl_art=1&nlid=54404043&ref=hedline&te=1

5) Costs Now Unaffordable especially for those with Donut Hole–from the Washington Post


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