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New healthcare technology is developed every day. But, with all the hope of these innovations comes important questions about safety:  Patients want to know if this technology will work for them? Does it add value or will it just increase cost?  The answers to these questions only come when the patient is a real research partner.  Engaging the patient in research not only makes sure the patient gets the right care, but also that they are involved in planning and directing the research  from the very beginning.

An effective healthcare system depends on asking the right questions and learning from those questions. A learning health care system makes sure the right people get the right care at the right time by the right caregivers. That’s where CERTAIN comes in.

Housed at the University of Washington, the CERTAIN Patient Advisory seeks to improve medical research by having patients actively participate in the research process–from identifying research questions to communicating the final research results.

CERTAIN is a learning healthcare system.  It focuses on evaluating the effectiveness and value of healthcare and assuring the patient’s voice is the central voice. This approach offers a vital new and exciting approach to improving quality–clinicians are certain they are delivering the highest quality care. Patients can be certain they are getting the care they really need.  Researchers are certain they are only using  the data that advances knowledge.

CERTAIN now has a new webportal:

The portal provides tools and resources for those involved in patient centered outcomes research.  These health care studies actively engage patients in the research process from start to finish.  The portal includes resources both patients and researchers can use together.  It also has resources specific to patients and to researchers.

This is a great step toward more patient-centered care. Providing access to existing knowledge and resources will help support patient-researcher partnerships.  These partnerships ensure that the patient’s voice is heard at the beginning of a research project so that research addresses real patient concerns and interests.

Both researchers or patient working on a current study or an interested person, patient or researcher, will find this information on their new portal of use and interest.

The portal was developed as part of CERTAIN’s Initiative to Support Patient Involvement in Research (INSPIRE) to facilitate training and networking for patient-centered outcomes research.

I am pleased to report this. I am patient advisor to CERTAIN

(c) Kathleen O’Connor, March 23, 2017

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