A Call to Conscience-Pre-existing condition changes and Limits on Patient Legal Options

This is a quick blog about some disturbing issues pending in Congress.  First is the new call to eliminate pre-existing condition protection. The intent is to repeal the protection and leave the matter to the states.  In the past there were High Risk Pools but they came with high risk costs for patients.

We are one of the few countries where you can be bankrupt with medical bills when you face cancer or heart surgery or other life saving, but expensive diseases.  I know one family facing cancer with annual pharmaceutical costs of $65,000.  Changes in pre-existing conditions could potentially cost individuals and families with health problems considerably more.


In another disturbing move, there is also a move to limit malpractice law suits, especially for those on Medicare and even worse, in long-term facilities which are heavily burdened with a work force that is stretched and stressed.


If these are of concern to you, write to your Senator or Congressman.

If you would like links to more news stories on different topics in the future, please let me know.

Best, Kathleen

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