A Must Read Book About the Players That Drove the Opiod Epidemic from the Get Go

Dream Land is an engaging read–well written and well researched.  Sam Quinones, author and journalist, traces the Opiod epidemic from the first distillation of Morphine from opium in 1804 to the present.  He even includes the Opium Wars between the British and China in 1859 and 1957 to showcase what nations and people will do for opium.

The book’s vitality stems from its personal stories whether they are about the early marketing tactics of  marketing and pharmaceutical companies or the stories of  researchers, dealers and addicts. He gives the names, the history and motivations of key players. Seattle and Portland are featured as is Los Angeles, Utah, Arizona and Nayarit, Mexico as the story unfolds.  His short personal stories focus on people, place and motivations that weave seamlessly together to showcase how the epidemic grew and thrived.

Dream Land is a compelling all too human tale of the players, the economic forces and the very personal drivers that rolled this epidemic.  You won’t be disappointed.

Many thanks to the generosity of a fellow Commissioner on the Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission who brought this book to our attention.

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