Get Rid of Old Prescriptions–Sat., April 29th-Drug Take Back Day

April 29th is Drug Takeback Day so people will have a place to get rid of unused or old medications.  The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) now has a way for you to dispose of your old or unused medications.  Here is the link to find a place close to you:

A common problem with old or unused prescription medications is how to get rid of them. Flushing them down the toilet is not a good idea, nor tossing them in recycling, much less giving them to friends and family!  (that’s part of the Opioid epidemic problem).

I actually heard a “funny” story in the 1990’s  about how a popular anti-depresant was impacting fish.

So, please take the opportunity this April 29th and dispose of those meds you don’t use.  Some large health systems and some drug stories can also dispose your old medications as well. Check them out!



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