Moving, Medicaid, and Tax Cuts

Hello, I am in the process of moving so I will have few, if any, blogs until September.


When, it comes to Medicaid, however, nearly 2/3 of all Medicaid spending is for the elderly and disabled in nursing homes.

Nearly 65% of all the people in nursing homes are on Medicaid.  Medicare does not cover long-term nursing home care!  Therefore cutting Medicaid and requiring people to work affects less than 1/3 of people on Medicaid.  Most of  them are children, poor women and families.  

Tax Cuts

To help support Obamacare, pharmaceutical and medical device companies were taxed as well as wealthy families. Those taxes will be repealed under the new “Better Health Care Reform Act”   Proposed by the Senate.  The tax repeal on the wealthy will be retroactive.

There is much more that is  very troublesome.  but I hope those will play out in the press.  Have a lovely summer.  Back in September!




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