Personal Doctor for $40,000 to $80,000 a Year? Try San Francisco, Seattle and a Few More

In my last blog, I wrote that nearly half of all Medicare recipients have annual incomes under $26,000.  For those who depend on Social Security, Social Security income depends on where and how you work—full-time/part time; self-employed, seasonally employed. Or the many women who were never employed and will only inherit part of their husband’s Social Security upon his death or by age 65. Women live an average of seven years longer than men.

Indeed an AARP survey in California in the late 1990’s found some women had incomes of about $400/month. One Real Change vendor in her 60’s here in Seattle has a monthly income of about $580, half of which goes to rent.  She is not yet eligible for her late husband’s Social Security. This is Ivy:

Now this: Special personal contract doctors have annual fees of $40,000 to $80,000. Seattle and San Francisco are two of the top cities for such care.  For the complete story read The New York Times:

While the rich can always buy more, we also need assurance for the health care and well-being for the working people and seniors who fueled our economy.

Over 40 million people face foreclosure, unrelenting debt and bankruptcy from medical bills. That equals the combined populations of Ohio, Illinois and Florida.  Need I say more?

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