“A Kiss to the Donor Class”

The current Republican tax reform proposal: “…is not aimed at growth. It is not aimed at the middle class. It is at every turn carefully engineered to deliver a kiss to the donor class.”  (former chief of staff at the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation in the NY Times), Nov. 30, 2017 (link below).

The current proposal,if passed as is, would, among other things, cut over 35 million children and pregnant women from  the Child Health Insurance Program that funds health care and social services for the neediest of children and their families.  35 million people is slightly less than the population of California with 39 million but more than Texas with 28 million people.

The direct and indirect consequences?

  • Children living in poverty who lack health care will face a life of continuing and future poor health and disabilities, causing
  • A potentially permanent underclass already strangled by an economy that passes them by.
  • Potentially higher  public education costs for students with learning disabilities.
  • No health insurance for millions without insurance means
  • More people who need care who will show up sicker (therefore more expensive) at many already financially stressed hospitals, which causes
  • More costs to be passed along to people who have insurance in order to cover the  costs of people  without insurance who can’t afford the cost of care.
  • All of this causes
  • Higher health care costs for everyone, including those with private insurance, even employer paid insurance with higher deductibles and co-pays.

Something is dangerously wrong with the soul of our country if  we let this bill pass.  Can’t happen?  Consider this:

  • In the 1960’s Mississippi actively and seriously considered cutting 13,000 Medicaid nursing home beds to balance the state budget. Really?   I  called several times to verify this. In the end it did not happen after five or more fights between the governor and the legislature.  But still– something is chilling this was even considered. Medicaid nursing home residents can’t donate and probably couldn’t vote.

Now, Congress proposes the same chilling cuts to  services for 35 million poor children and families to balance the federal budget with its new tax cut proposals.

But, it’s easy to pass this bill. After all children can’t donate and they surely don’t vote.

And, in the meantime, the stock market reaches record highs and children aren’t shareholders

Need I say more?

(c) Kathleen O’Connor, November 30, 2017

For the full NYT article read: http://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/29/business/republican-tax-cut.html

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