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Kathleen O’Connor: 30+ year health care consumer advocate, non-profit executive and author. For more information about Kathleen, please see “About” on the main content bar above.

Drug Ads Coming on Facebook!

Yes, drug advertising is coming to Facebook and its new Facebook Health initiative.   Congress allowed direct to consumer advertising in 1997.  Before that time they were not allowed to do so.  One way to try to ‘control’ drug costs … Continue reading

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Personal Doctor for $40,000 to $80,000 a Year? Try San Francisco, Seattle and a Few More

In my last blog, I wrote that nearly half of all Medicare recipients have annual incomes under $26,000.  For those who depend on Social Security, Social Security income depends on where and how you work—full-time/part time; self-employed, seasonally employed. Or … Continue reading

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War on Seniors and the Poor?

Current proposals to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act will cause great harm to  seniors and poor families. The proposals also pit the welfare of seniors against the welfare of  children and poor families. Here’s why: Nearly half of … Continue reading

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Taxes on Drug and Device Companies Removed in Repeal Plan: Insurers and Health Care Industry Concerns

Repeal proposes cutting taxes on Pharmaceutical and Medical Devise Companies while raising costs for elderly and those with pre-existing conditions.  The CEO of Blue Cross of California opposes current reform proposals, citing cost increases for individuals and families and harm … Continue reading

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Get Rid of Old Prescriptions–Sat., April 29th-Drug Take Back Day

April 29th is Drug Takeback Day so people will have a place to get rid of unused or old medications.  The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) now has a way for you to dispose of your old or unused medications.  Here … Continue reading

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A Must Read Book About the Players That Drove the Opiod Epidemic from the Get Go

Dream Land is an engaging read–well written and well researched.  Sam Quinones, author and journalist, traces the Opiod epidemic from the first distillation of Morphine from opium in 1804 to the present.  He even includes the Opium Wars between the … Continue reading

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A Call to Conscience-Pre-existing condition changes and Limits on Patient Legal Options

This is a quick blog about some disturbing issues pending in Congress.  First is the new call to eliminate pre-existing condition protection. The intent is to repeal the protection and leave the matter to the states.  In the past there … Continue reading

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New Patient-Centered Resource for Patients and Researchers

New healthcare technology is developed every day. But, with all the hope of these innovations comes important questions about safety:  Patients want to know if this technology will work for them? Does it add value or will it just increase cost? … Continue reading

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Health Care Sound and Fury: A Lament

There’s no sense talking to you. It’s just like talking to me, is a line from a Bob Dylan song in the 1960’s.  It was a time of great division over the Vietnam War. There were large marches and demonstrations. … Continue reading

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Current ACA Medicaid: A Quick Guide–Poverty, Children, Disabled and Seniors

Medicaid, Poverty, Children, the Disabled, and Seniors               March 7, 2017 Before examining the proposed changes to Medicaid, here are quick facts about Medicaid as it now exists under the ACA (Affordable Care Act … Continue reading

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