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Kathleen O'Connor talks about the mission of CodeBlueNow! and what it means for health care reform.


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If the People Designed Health Care


While Congress debates health care reform, we would hope they would listen to the people's voice. This is what we have heard from the public over the past six years:


In Their Voices:: Common Ground, Common Sense and Consensus on Reform. . . In Their Voices

Read what the people want in their own voices. . . Press Release


ABC's of Reform:  An Alphabet of Health Care.  The Alphabet of Health Care

Quick slide show on past reform failures, but now growing public consensus on key issues.  Gaining Consensus

Watch Online:  Town Square: CodeBlueNow! Health Care Town Meeting.  


 Kathleen's Blog:  Second Opinion

Hire a Mediator.....Read More

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CodeBlueNow! Participants Sign the Declaration for the Health of America. web by NPower Seattle