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On The Eve of the ACA Enrollment: There Are Issues Other than Enrollment

Now here is a terrific idea thanks to ConsumerReports!  Demand warranties of medical devices, such as knees and hips,  just as we do for dishwashers, refrigerators and cars. Isn’t something in our bodies, or robots doing things to our bodies, … Continue reading

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Beware Insurance Exchange Scams; Win A Video Contest

I ran into this earlier when doing some research on health insurance exchanges in Florida for a friend. Scams are going to abound, especially in states where the Governors do not like Obamacare: http://www.kaiserhealthnews.org/Stories/2013/September/12/lookalike-exchange-websites.aspx Want to win a video contest? … Continue reading

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The Cost of Fraud, Physician Payment Reform and In the Works

Technical e-mail return error with this issue:  In the process of moving materials to this new site, we had an error with the distribution.  It was sent mistakenly with a “justhost” e-mail address.  Any replies to this will not come … Continue reading

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Challenges about Navigators, Licensing, Regulation, Medicaid and Call Centers

As of mid-December, 19 states indicated they will develop their own state-based health insurance exchanges.  The majority of these states are in the West, with only Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming and Montana opting not to pursue state-based exchanges at this point.   … Continue reading

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