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Personal Doctor for $40,000 to $80,000 a Year? Try San Francisco, Seattle and a Few More

In my last blog, I wrote that nearly half of all Medicare recipients have annual incomes under $26,000.  For those who depend on Social Security, Social Security income depends on where and how you work—full-time/part time; self-employed, seasonally employed. Or … Continue reading

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The American Health Care Machine and You: A Call to Conscience–How the New Hospital Community Outreach Requirements Can Be A Win/Win for You and the Hospital

Systemic investment in community health has not always been a high priority for many hospitals. With the Affordable Care Act all non-profit hospitals must now assess community health needs and develop a strategic and periodic plan to meet those needs. … Continue reading

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A Lot Happened This Week from Fraud Rewards to Congress Trying to Exempt Itself from ACA and 29 states get F in price transparency

In  This Issue:  Disparities in Health Month;  $39 Billion Misdiagnosis Costs;  Fraud Crackdown–$4.2 billion recovered in one year;  Why Health Care Costs are Slowing;  Congress trying to avoid ACA coverage; and states moving part-time workers to Federal Exchange–even here in … Continue reading

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