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New Health and Human Services Secretary, Drug Prices and Direct to Consumer Drug Advertising Dollars

Alex Azar, the new Health and Human Services (HHS)Secretary, headed Eli Lilly Company’s Lilly USA division.  Lilly USA’s best selling drugs are insulin and other diabetes products.  This division accounted for 40 % of Lilly’s revenue. Azar also served as … Continue reading

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Abandoning Our Children: Hiding Facts in Language?

My last blog lamented cuts to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The program is based on family income or “percent of poverty” allowed income. l  In 2017, poverty income for a family of three could not be more than … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Disease Innovation in Japan

I don’t usually do this, but I find this article and innovation fascinating. My mother and Great Aunt had Alzheimer’s Disease so it is always on my radar.  Japan is considered one of the leaders in Alzheimer’s care.  I hope … Continue reading

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Interesting Stories on ER Costs and More

I am in the throes of moving, but I found this article of interest, especially since it originates with a hospital north of Spokane, Washington. Not quite in my backyard, but close enough to be of interest.  I don’t have … Continue reading

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Personal Doctor for $40,000 to $80,000 a Year? Try San Francisco, Seattle and a Few More

In my last blog, I wrote that nearly half of all Medicare recipients have annual incomes under $26,000.  For those who depend on Social Security, Social Security income depends on where and how you work—full-time/part time; self-employed, seasonally employed. Or … Continue reading

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War on Seniors and the Poor?

Current proposals to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act will cause great harm to  seniors and poor families. The proposals also pit the welfare of seniors against the welfare of  children and poor families. Here’s why: Nearly half of … Continue reading

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A Call to Conscience-Pre-existing condition changes and Limits on Patient Legal Options

This is a quick blog about some disturbing issues pending in Congress.  First is the new call to eliminate pre-existing condition protection. The intent is to repeal the protection and leave the matter to the states.  In the past there … Continue reading

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Medicare 101: New Vouchers and Change to Medicare

My last long article was about the first privatization of Medicare.  Current proposals to privatize  focus on Premium support and Vouchers.   This will change Medicare’s structure, what it covers, and how services are paid. The following is a quick … Continue reading

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Under the Radar: Foreign Investments in Our Health Care

The debate over universal coverage vs. the marketplace rages on, but little attention has been paid to  foreign investment in our health care system. Investments and ownership range from physician practices, to hospital systems and now home health and hospice … Continue reading

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When the System Works

I have long been a critic of our health care system. I remain a critic of the system itself, as I believe it serves neither patient nor provider well with all its rules, rates, eligibility, networks, access, coverage and too … Continue reading

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