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Who Have We Become?

Speaker Paul Ryan’s new call to repeal the Affordable Care Act is either a bluff or completely blind and heartless. Imperfect as it is—and the legislation certainly has flaws—the Act assures people have access to health insurance even with a … Continue reading

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Consumer Alerts for ACA Enrollment: Watch Out for Half Truths and Scams

False Notices:  Some health plans in Washington State are sending letters to their current individual policy subscribers to tell them their current plan will end and they will be transferred to another one at the end of the year.  Some … Continue reading

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A Lot Happened This Week from Fraud Rewards to Congress Trying to Exempt Itself from ACA and 29 states get F in price transparency

In  This Issue:  Disparities in Health Month;  $39 Billion Misdiagnosis Costs;  Fraud Crackdown–$4.2 billion recovered in one year;  Why Health Care Costs are Slowing;  Congress trying to avoid ACA coverage; and states moving part-time workers to Federal Exchange–even here in … Continue reading

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Upcoming Changes and Washington State Health Policy Leadership

In this issue:  upcoming changes in O’ConnorReport:  health policy leadership changes in Olympia; proposed Health Care Oversight Committee;  other state leadership changes.  We are building a new website so we can post several stories at the same time—national issues and … Continue reading

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The ACA, State Health Insurance Policies and Regulations and New Benefit Exchanges

Health insurance is not simple. Not only that policies, rates and regulations vary state by state.  All the states have different insurance rules.  On top of that some states have elected insurance commissioners other states have appointed insurance commissioners.  Some … Continue reading

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