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The Real Price of Silence

My son was killed in a car accident 25 years ago this month.  He was proud of my work for health reform so I cannot remain silent now as major changes loom.  We live with a system that can be … Continue reading

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The American Health Care Machine and You: A Call to Conscience–Human Consequences of Turning A Blind Eye

“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi “Let your conscience be your guide” is a conviction we have not learned as a society when it comes to health care. As a country we … Continue reading

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Theo’s Story, Medical Bankruptcy and Proposed New Hospital Consumer Protections: Next Must Read Books for 2015

We read headlines about medical bills and bankruptcies.  We will take a look now at what happens to some people.  Gerrit was ‘lucky.’  He had a house he could borrow against and he eventually recovered enough to return to work … Continue reading

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