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Just In! A Practical Toolkit on Long-term Care for Families; and A Guide to Long-term Care Costs

The bi-partisan Alliance for Health Reform just released its toolkit on Long-term Care.  Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson, the toolkit offers facts, organizations and resources about aging and long-term care services.  http://www.allhealth.org/publications/Long-term_care/LTSS-Toolkit_166.pdf Why you need to pay attention: A … Continue reading

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What You May Not Know About Medicare Could Hurt You

If You Think Medicare Covers All Aging Needs Think again. Medicare is Medical Care. It covers physician care, hospital care, post-acute care (care after a hospital stay), such as a skilled nursing facility or home health care for rehabilitation. In … Continue reading

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Selected Sample from The Buck Still Stops Nowhere–Long Term Care

The following is an excerpt from The Buck Still Stops Nowhere:  Long Term Care and Nursing Homes The stealth danger in the health care system is assisted living and long-term nursing home care. Assisted living, home health and nursing home … Continue reading

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The Buck STILL Stops Nowhere–order now–Here’s Why; Coming Next–Big Changes for Hospitals

The Buck Still Stops Nowhere If you ever wondered why you must read the new The Buck Still Stops Nowhere, just read the stories below.  Open the link and scroll down to related stories on pre-existing conditions and other attempts to get around … Continue reading

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