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What people are saying about the 2003 Second Edition of…

The Buck Stops Nowhere: Why America’s Healthcare is All Dollars and No Sense

By Kathleen O’Connor, MA

Dave Garets, Group Vice President, Gartner Inc., Stamford, CT
“The Buck Stops Nowhere is the best explanation I’ve ever seen for why the healthcare industry in this country is so screwed up! It’s a must read for all industry stakeholders and comes with a warning for consumers who read it: ‘The aftereffects of the book include fear of getting sick and then having to rely upon what passes for a healthcare system!’ It’s a well-written, quick read, and one I highly recommend.”

Booth Gardner, Governor, Washington State 1983-1992
Chair, National Governor’s Association 1990-91
“Kathleen O’Connor gives us an imaginative yet accurate account of the problems in health care today. Fiercely independent, often provocative, always honest, she spares no one in her critique of the players in health care today. A must read for anyone interested in the industry.”

Edward Howard, Executive Vice President, Alliance for Health Reform, Washington DC.
“Kathleen O’Connor succinctly describes the flaws in America’s health care system and then, undaunted by them, takes us step-by-step through what we need to do to fix it.”

Mike Kreidler, Insurance Commissioner, Washington State
“Kathleen O’Connor’s work is a remarkable x-ray and beam of light on the American health care system so we can all see the danger and diagnosis. A must read.”

James Vesely, Editorial Page Editor, The Seattle Times
“Kathleen O’Connor brings fresh insights to a topic long covered up by industry insiders. Health care reporting becomes clear and incisive in her hands. She speaks for the average person lost in the complications of health care policy, and she does so with clarity and courage.”

Jack Mayne, former editor and Associate publisher, Washington CEO Magazine.
“As the premier business magazine in Washington State, we wanted a person who could cover difficult health subjects, especially the complicated and elusive insurance industry. Even health care officials who did not like having the light of a magazine article shined on them had to agree O’Connor got her facts straight. I received many calls from unhappy health care executives, but it always turned out they were unhappy she told the story, rather than any inaccuracies. If you want someone to say it like it is and get it right every time, then you want to read Kathleen O’Connor.”

M. Lynn Ryder, Retired Senior Vice President. Washington Mutual Bank
“Kathleen O’Connor’s understanding of the complexities of the health care system of the US admirably allows her to present its problems with clarity and lucidity.”

Carrie L Jenner, MD
“As both a mother and a pediatrician, I deal with the complexities and
challenges of our current health care system on a daily basis. Kathleen’s
book is helpful at outlining the ways that various components of the system
interact in a way that ends up frustrating all participants.”

Blake Chafee, Vice President, Accountable Care Technologies, Bainbridge Island, WA
“The Buck Stops Nowhere reads like a cross between the Flight of the Bumble Bee and Alice in Wonderland.”

Terry Worthylake, Executive Director, Medical Associates of Yakima, Yakima, WA and former CEO of several local and statewide health care provider systems.
“Kathleen O’Connor has done an extraordinary job in identifying the players in our health care industry and putting faces and attitudes on them.”

Allan Morris, former health care executive and current entrepreneur, Louisville, KY
“Kathleen O’Connor is right on target. Health care is the mission not the price; and the trail is well documented in her book. I hope the true health care leaders will read and lead and not follow the current broken path to demise! She says it like it is!”

Herb Bridge, Rear Admiral USN, Retired, Co-Chair, Ben Bridge Jewelers
“Kathleen O’Connor delivers a knockout punch to the health care industry, then points us in the right direction.”

Brenda Loew, M.Ac., L.Ac., Japanese Acupuncture Center and faculty at Northwest Institute of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Seattle, WA
“Kathleen O’Connor’s health care analysis is courageous, insightful and highly readable. Able to speak to all sides of the debate, clarify complex issues, and unafraid to publicly announce that the Emperor- and everyone else in the health care industry!- has no clothes, she sets a course of action which can finally initiate intelligent and effective health care policies representative of all interests.”

Robert Watt, President and CEO, Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Seattle, WA
“The Buck Stops Nowhere clearly outlines how the health care operates and why. If you are like me you often need to know how to navigate in health care’s complex waters. This book really opened my eyes to the challenges and opportunities facing us all. I also greatly appreciated that Kathleen explains the ideological extremes that too often have held changes in our health care system hostage, without taking sides herself.”

Debra Wiggs, CEO, ComPASS Health System, Lynden, WA
“O’Connor’s new book is groundbreaking because it represents two firsts. It is the first time anyone has described America’s healthcare system in simple, succinct terms and it is the first time anyone has proposed change from the outside in rather than from the inside out. The Buck Stops Nowhere represents a huge step towards identifying a balanced solution to our fatally flawed system”

Ann Medlock, Founder, Giraffe Heroes Project, Langley, WA
“Kathleen O’Connor knows the ins and outs of the wildly confusing health industry and, more importantly, she can explain it all clearly–even entertainingly. I read everything she writes, grateful that somebody can tell me what’s going on.”

Karen Ferrier, small business accounting and consulting
“Finally, a book that explains, in layman’s terms, why each year as an employee, health coverage policies become more complex, more expensive, and more restrictive. This book gives us the tools to understand the whys and hows of our current health care system so that we can use our influence on our legislators to demand an affordable and viable health care system for all Americans.”

Rheba DeTornyay, Professor and Dean Emeritus, School of Nursing, University of Washington; former Board of Trustees, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (retired 2001)
“Beginning with the very first page of The Buck Stops Nowhere, I was captivated by both the tone and content of O’Connor’s new book. I simply could not put it down. It is a page-turning masterpiece sure to spark a national debate about what to do with this mess we call the health delivery system.”

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