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The Buck Still Stops Nowhere: Why America’s Healthcare is All Dollars and No Sense

By Kathleen O’Connor, MA

Edward Howard, Executive Vice President, Alliance for Health Reform, Washington DC
“Kathleen O’Connor’s updated The Buck Stops Nowhere is a great place for Americans to familiarize themselves with the major flaws in our health care system. And no one attacks this set of problems with more passion and integrity.”

James Vesely, Editorial Page Editor, The Seattle Times, retired
“Kathleen O’Connor brings fresh insights to a topic long covered up by industry insiders. Health care reporting becomes clear and incisive in her hands. She speaks for the average person lost in the complications of health care policy, and she does so with clarity and courage.”

Jack Mayne, Editor and Publisher, Washington CEO Magazine, retired
“As the premier business magazine in Washington State, we wanted a person who could cover difficult health subjects, especially the complicated and elusive insurance industry. Even health care officials who did not like having the light of a magazine article shined on them had to agree O’Connor got her facts straight. I received many calls from unhappy health care executives, but it always turned out that they were unhappy she told the story, rather than any inaccuracies. If you want someone to say it like it is and get it right every time, then you want to read Kathleen O’Connor.”

RADM Herb M. Bridge, USNR (ret) United States Navy, Co-Chairman, Ben Bridge Jewelers
“Finally! A book that cuts through the complexity and gets to the heart of the matter—safety and quality for everyone.”

Rex Erickson, founder and retired CEO FYI Software
“Kathleen speaks the truth when others won’t. While there are so many in our society committed to obfuscating facts with regard to health care, Kathleen’s book does the opposite. Alan Michael Singer, JD Having watched two loving parents unable to afford basic health maintenance because of missionary vows of poverty I personally regard depriving people of health care to be a moral if not a legal crime. Regarding The Buck Still Stops Nowhere: Read it.”

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